“Letter to self”

 Dear Body & Soul,

I am sorry.

Sorry to be naive enough to have a utopian ideology in my head where being fit
was all about zero figure, a jawline & thigh gaps.

Moments where I doubted myself & checked twice in the mirror
just to ensure the belly didn't bulge out of my tee.

Being so shallow, that I could only smile with lipstick on.
Being so kind to others that I forgot to be kind to self.

I am sorry, My Body & My Soul as I've treated you more like a material
that needs approval from others than a part of myself.
How I keep forgetting that beauty lies within myself
& none of the Mac or Fair'n'Lovely products will ever make me happier.

So yes, I've decided to love you & take care of you as you're a part of me than this world's.
Fat or lean, fair or dark, tall or short, It's just me in love with myself, again 🙂


- The Inner You

 He asked "Hey, What's in that pretty head?"

With pursed lips and loud thudding thoughts inside my head, I pondered,

"Eh, Firstly I am not sure if my head is really a pretty place for you to visit,
If you're expecting a Cherry Blossom
Or a Winter in Paris.

My head is both, fire & Ice.
Angels & Demons.
Illusion & Darkness.
Embracing the stars and the moon.
Yes, those stars that shine like my mother's bindi.
Looks fascinating from light years away.
But they burn, burn and burn to the extent that universe gives in and they outshine the rest.
Oh you don't want me to go further..

In my thoughts, wondering whether you call the bright stars pretty
it's the relentless burning that fascinates you.
Would you be brave enough to see beneath the surface?

My head irrespective of pretty or ugly,
I would not let you visit as you subconsciously expect it to be pretty
that you'll never look beyond the shining star and the beautiful ocean.

Rumination inside my head, perplexedly I reply,
"Hey, It's just the work occupying my head. "

As I put my veil to the world and walk away,
fearing their judgements,
just once again..

Just a friend.

She is just a friend. 
We hangout, nearly all the time.
She loves to sing and rhyme.
She chooses sweet over sour
& loves to explore the far.
And how do  I know these little things?
Cause she  is just a friend.

She is a giggle to my laughter,
she shines even after
the dusk sets in.
Her big expressive  eyes,
reaches her soul when she smiles.
Every-time I see her, makes me wonder, why is she just a friend?

Let's just say,
she is just a friend.
But why the world ends,
where she stands?

Today. I've decided,
to be her muse,
like she is mine.
But, what if,
I am just a friend?

                                                                 - The thing with friendship

Happy Women’s Day !

There is nothing else I’d rather be, I am a woman.

Today – 8th March is recognized internationally as Women’s Day. Here’s a small write-up for my first post for astonishing brave women all over the world.

I call this post as “Women who crossed my path” :

“Women who crossed my path”

A thousand mind,
A thousand face, 
Each one disparate from the other, each one with fire in their grace.

A few with smile, that will brighten your day,
A few with heart, that will make you believe in magic.
Every woman I’ve ever met or crossed the path with, unique, hell special with  the  osmosis of Universe engraved in their soul.

Let’s rejoice, not a day or two, but years, decades and centuries to come
Because  even the Universe  believes in endowing the power of creation of another being to  you, to the women !

To your simplicity, to your  rock ‘n roll aura,
To your untarnished peace, to your restless soul,
Constant reminder of kindness, compassion and fragility,